Our LOBBY IS STILL CLOSED & members cannot enter the Credit Union building at this time. Your MSRs are still here to help you M-F, 9 to 5, but through other means at this time. Please read the following of all of our services that are here to help you & how we are utilizing the Night Drop & outside table for in person transactions.



Please look to the LEFT & use the Night Drop. There are envelopes that you can put your deposit(s) in, drop in the Night Drop & we will then post it to your account. Receipts will be sent to you via mail. (Any check that is over $5000.00, please call so we can explain our hold policy).


For TRANSFERS, please use the envelope & write your name, acct.#, transfer request, sign, date & then put into the Night Drop. We will perform your request & mail the receipt. Transfers may also be performed via our Audio Response System or Home Banking; First Class… ANYWHERE!



If you have a VISA Check Card, please visit your closest ATM machine. You may also request cash back while shopping at a merchant (i.e. Target, Walmart, CVS, grocery store, etc.)


If you do not have a VISA Check Card, please write your CASH REQUEST on one of the envelopes. Write on the envelope your name, acct.#, specify suffix (i.e. savings, checking, etc.), amount of W/D, sign, date & your cell #. Put into the night drop & return to your vehicle. We will call you when your transaction has been processed with further instructions.


If you have any questions in regards to the above instructions, please do not hesitate to call us at the number listed below or visit our website. These are very trying times for everyone & we are in this together. Until further notice, we are trying to limit as much contact with our members to protect us, our families & you! Help us do our part in slowing down the COVID-19 virus!


Phone: 610-439-4102

Website: www.firstclass.org